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Consider this for a stunning roof garden

With a little planning, creativity and innovation, it is possible to transform an unused roof space into an area to relax, unwind and entertain.

If you have a space on the roof or terrace, it is important that it represents your style and that it attracts everyone's interest throughout the year. Here we tell you some changes that you can add to your roof garden.

Outdoor furniture

The first thing you should do is decide the type of furniture you would like to buy. Would you like to rest on your roof garden or do you want to have dinner there? Furniture that suits the style and theme of your terrace would be more appropriate.

add a roof

A roof will help protect your guests from extreme sun or rain, plus your furniture will be better preserved from inclement weather.

Keep it open

A small roof looks big if you are not going to fill it with many things. A transparent glass instead of a parapet wall, fences or railings will be great!

Add plants

If you have a large space, you can plant tall trees and shrubs to make the most of the space. Bamboos and grasses are a good combination if you don't plan to invest a lot in maintenance.

Lights! … And action!

It is important that your roof garden is well lit at night, especially near the stairwell or doorway. In addition, lighting is the number one factor for setting the mood. Do you want to relax, do you want romantic evenings with your partner, or do you prefer to host the best parties?

Vertical garden

Take advantage of vertical space to add more curb appeal to your rooftop. Hang planters on the walls, use railing planters, and grow vines.

Choose your flooring

Don't forget about the ground. Choose according to your budget something that suits the climate in which you live and that suits the decoration of the roof garden.

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